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Healthy and Happy Family Life Seminars

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Family Life Study Guides

This model of Family Life Outreach uses the Seminar or Teaching Model. A larger discount is available for 100-Pack or 200-Pack.

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A. Study Guides. There are 24 eight-page full-color, interactive study guides for participants. Guides are punched for use in a three-ring binder. Each package also has two certificates: One for Marriage Re-commitment and the other for Course Completion. The seminar titles are:

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  1. Three Big Secrets of a Happy Family.
  2. Is it Really Love? Seven Ways to Tell.
  3. Three Essentials of Effective Communication.
  4. Six Keys, One Master Key to Marital Compatibility.
  5. Three Ways to Say "I Love You." One is Irresistible!
  6. Seven Steps for Resolving Conflicts.
  7. Seven Ways to Manage Stress and Enjoy Inner Peace.
  8. Six Things Everyone Should Know about Sex.
  9. Baby Boy! Baby Girl! The Miracle of Procreation!
  10. Single, Sweet and Adorable! Seven Steps to Success.
  11. "What God has Joined Together." Six Gems to Prevent Divorce.
  12. Seven Ways to Enjoy Our Sex Life More.
  13. "Honey, Where's the Money?" Six Keys to Financial Success.
  14. Eight-Step Strategy for a Healthy, Happy Family.
  15. Who's the Boss in My House?
  16. How to Help my Child Obey - the Happy Way!
  17. Four Styles of Parenting. Four Ways to Discipline.
  18. How to Use My Tongue. Four Types of Tongues.
  19. Two Mothers! One Baby! Six Secrets of Self Esteem.
  20. Ten Things Every Man Should Know about the Woman.
  21. Ten Things Every Woman Should Know about the Man.
  22. "Hug Me and Kiss Me!" Parenting Our Teenagers.
  23. From Death to Life! Happy Family Forever!
  24. Eight Keys to Everlasting Love.

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