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Healthy and Happy Family Life Seminars

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Healthy and Happy Flash Drive

This Flash Drive has the MS Power Point presentations for all 15 Sermons in both English and Spanish. 

Price: US$39.95 per flash drive



Detail Description

This Flash Drive has the MS Power Point presentations for all 15 Sermons listed below, with colorful, professional, multi-ethnic graphics in both English and Spanish. Second, it has the 15 Worksheets in English and Spanish. Third, it has Seminars for Presenters on How to Get More Baptism Decisions.

  1. The 86-year old Grandma Who Ran Her 64th Marathon!
  2. Four Steps to Prevent a Heart Attack!
  3. Stress Can Kill You! Six Things You Can Do.
  4. Can Sexual Intimacy Keep Me Healthy and Happy?
  5. Let's Climb Mt. Everest! The Secret Strategy for Success!
  6. Beat High Blood Pressure! It's David and Goliath!
  7. He Slept! He Died! Then Lived to Tell the Story! What was His Story?
  8. How to Fight the Big C with the Big P! The Man with No Arms and No Legs!
  9. He Succeeded! And So Can You!
  10. Diabetes is a Sugar Daddy! Three Ways to Lock Him Out!
  11. Got Any Demons?  Seven Tips to Conquer Them!
  12. Are You a Love Bug Or a Love Bird?
  13. The Woman Who Stole a Baby! Bright Brains Solved the Mystery!
  14. Elijah's Battle with Queen Jezebel! From Depression to Ascension!
  15. How Four Healthy Men Got Four Awesome Miracles!


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