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Evangelistic Preparation - Seminars Presenter Document Download

Evangelistic Seminars - Option Two is the Professional with Paid Registration. This option targets persons in the upper levels of society who are not attracted to other models of evangelism. Here the Resources are the same as the Regular, but other elements are different. The venue is upscale, the program is professional, and the decision procedure is private. Registration is compulsory, and participants pay to attend.Presenter's Preparation. The presenter needs to study the three seminars in the Professional Seminar section of the Evangelism Training CD. These are: SEP 1: Family Life Evangelistic Seminars for Professionals. SEP 2: How to Orient & Inspire My Church for Professional Seminar Evangelism.  SEP 3: Presenting the Professional Evangelistic Seminar In addition, the presenter should do the tutorials in the General Section. These are:  FLE 1: Rationale, Resources & Benefits of Family Life Evangelism FLE 2: Ten Secrets of Evangelistic Success.