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Family Life Campaign CD

This CD has the MS PowerPoint presentations for the 24 Evangelistic Sermons.  It is available in English or French or Spanish.  Please select the language of your choice from the Options box below.

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B. Campaign CD.

This CD has the Power Point presentations for the 24 Evangelistic sermons.  The sermon titles are as follows. 

  1. Four Big Secrets of a Happy Family.
  2. Is it Really Love? Seven Ways to Tell.
  3. Three Essentials of Effective Communication.
  4. The Master Key to Marital Compatibility.
  5. Three Ways to Say, "I Love You." One is Irresistible!
  6. Seven Steps for Resolving Conflicts.
  7. Seven Ways to Manage Stress and Enjoy Inner Peace.
  8. Six Things Everyone Should Know about Sex.
  9. "Sweetheart, I'm Pregnant!" The Miracle of Procreation!
  10. Single, Sweet and Adorable! Seven Steps to Success.
  11. "What God has Joined Together." Six Steps to Prevent Divorce
  12. Seven Ways to Enjoy Our Sex Life More.
  13. "Honey, Where's the Money?" Six Keys to Financial Success.
  14. Eight Steps to Healing, Health and Happiness.
  15. Who's the Boss in My House?
  16. How to Help my Child Obey' the Happy Way.
  17. Secrets of Effective Discipline.
  18. Two Mothers! One Baby! The Big Court Story!
  19. Four Ways to Speak with Tongues Successfully.
  20. Ten Things Every Man Should Know about the Woman.
  21. Ten Things Every Woman Should Know about the Man.
  22. "Hug Me and Kiss Me! I'm Sweet Sixteen!"
  23. Happy Family Forever!
  24. How to Stay in Love Forever.

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