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Healthy and Happy Family Life Seminars

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Happy Family Lessons

This is a series of 15 four-page lessons that covers family issues and compatible Bible doctrines. Lessons are available in English or Spanish or French. A larger discount is available for 100-Pack or 200-Pack.

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Happy Family Lessons

These Lessons are also called Series B. The second model for doing Family Life Evangelism is the use of Small Groups. In this model, Family Bible lessons are studied in homes. Then the groups are brought together for a short Reaping Life Campaign.  Here are the resources.

This is a series of 15 four-page lessons. Each one deals with a Family Issue and a compatible Bible Doctrine. The topics are as follows.


01: We're in Love!. 

02: Successful Communication. 

03: Marital Compatibility. 

04: How to Say, "I Love You! 

05: Resolving Conflicts. 

06: How to be Stress Free. 

07: What God says about Sex. 

08: Baby Boy! Baby Girl!

09: How to Prevent Divorce. 

10: How to Manage My Money. 

11: Health and Happiness. 

12: Responsible Parents. 

13: Understanding the Woman. 

14: Secrets of Discipline. 

15: Family Reunion. 

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