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Healthy and Happy Family Life Seminars


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Couples In Leadership

This series of seminars is designed to improve both the Family Life and the Professional Life of leaders.  Power Point Presentation on CD.

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CD - Power Point Presentations:

The CD has Power Point presentations and worksheets for all seven seminars.

L1: Building Blocks for Christian Leaders Today many leaders have lost credibility. How can it be restored? This seminar presents the foundations of effective leadership. It is both Biblical and practical.

L2: Ten Commandments for Couples in Leadership One of a leader's greatest challenges is maintaining a satisfying family life. Here ten vital issues are discussed from the perspective of both spouses.

L3: A Practical Paradigm for Conflict Resolution Knowing and practicing the basic principles of conflict resolution is indispensable for leaders. After presenting a step-by-step process, this seminar concludes with a compelling example of reconciliation.

L4: Eight sexual boundaries for Leaders and Spouses Since sexual misconduct is one of the pitfalls of leaders, this valuable seminar addresses vulnerability, danger signs and potential traps, then offers practical steps that both spouses can take.

L5: Seven Keys to Financial Freedom Highlighting another challenge for leaders "management of money" this seminar looks at the personal, family and professional spheres. It facilitates integrity, marital harmony and financial success.

L6: Ten Strategies for Parenting "PKs." The leader's children, like the spouse, live in a "fish bowl." And the pressure tends to make them rebellious! This presentation helps parents to empower their kids and teens to cope effectively.

L7: How to Create a Sermon from Start to Finish This practical presentation walks us step-by-step from the foothills of sermon preparation to the summit of successful presentation.

Download Sample: Seminar L1 Worksheet


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