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Healthy and Happy Family Life Seminars


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Cycle 1

This Cycle One CD has Seminars 1 through 5.  

Price: US$19.95 each cd



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A. Cycle One

Each enlighten seminar has the Presenter's MS PowerPoint presentation and the Participant's worksheet. 

C 1: Eight Keys to a Lasting, Happy Marriage This presentation is designed to erect the pillars of a happy marriage, and forms the foundation for all the other seminars. It deals with such issues as Commitment vs. Experiment, Priorities, Headship vs. Equality, Affirmation, Meaning of Submission, and the Love Triangle.

C 2: Seven Steps for Resolving Any Conflict This one is indispensable! It teaches how to diagnose problems through effective communication. Then it leads participants into creating Win-win Solutions. Its principles are applicable at home, on the job, or anywhere that conflicts exist.

C 3: Eight Things Everyone Should Know about Sex This down-to-earth seminar discusses sex in a wholesome, dignified manner. It deals with the significance of sex, various attitudes, male-female differences, obligations, frequency, and removing roadblocks. And it presents the secret of ultimate satisfaction.

C4: Seven Secrets for Successful Singles Some are single; others are single again; and still others will one day get there! This seminar deals with such issues as positive attitude, self-esteem, financial independence, sexuality, and security. Then it closes with a touching story.

C5: Six Keys for Parenting Young Children This seminar starts with the child's uniqueness and proceeds to examine four parenting styles. It discusses five ways to express love as well as four ways to administer discipline. It also presents practical ideas for nurturing spiritual values.

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