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Cycle 2

This Cycle Two CD has Seminars 6 through 10.

Price: US$19.95 each cd



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Cycle Two

 Each seminar has the Presenter's MS PowerPoint presentation and the Participant's worksheet.

C6: From Hurting to Healing: Five Secrets; Twelve Steps After examining the Abuse Cycle, we look at reasons persons stay in an abusive relationship. Then we study six steps for the victim to experience healing, and six steps for the abuser to experience change. Finally we look at the most effective secret for prevention.

C 7: Six Keys to Financial Success While millions live and die in debt, here is a tested, uncomplicated strategy for becoming debt free. We also deal with various family financial plans - Boss Plans and Partner Plans - as well as basic concepts like saving and budgeting. Today's global financial crisis makes this seminar a must!

C8: Eight Secrets for Living with an Unbelieving Spouse Here is a unique, one-of-a-kind seminar which deals with the challenges that a Christian spouse faces. It gives guidelines for coping with such issues as expectations, compromise, and "bedroom ministry." It also presents the most powerful way to witness.

C9: Six Strategies for Adolescents: How to Win the Game Some of the challenges they face - media, technology, drugs, illicit sex - are different from the ones their parents faced. This seminar examines six of their issues and offers some down-to-earth answers to enable them to win the game of life.

C10: Ten Commandments for Parenting Teenagers How to facilitate their transition from dependence to independence? How to identify with their interests? How to love them when their behavior is unlovely? This seminar has honest answers. It is valuable not only for parents, but also for educators and concerned adults.

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