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Cycle 3

This Cycle Three CD has Seminars 11 through 15.  

Price: US$19.95 each cd



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Cycle Three

Each seminar has the Presenter's MS PowerPoint presentation and the Participant's worksheet.

C11: How to Forgive When You Cannot Forget.  Seven Steps! At some time or other, everyone gets hurt! What really is forgiveness? Should I confront or not confront? How do I forgive when I cannot forget? This heartfelt presentation walks us, step by step, from the pits of pain to the pinnacle of peace.

C12: Seven Vaccines to Prevent Divorce This presentation is designed to combat the epidemic of divorce. It deals with such profound concepts as the mystery of marriage, benefits of spousal differences, dynamics and diversity of intimacy, and the ?Lucifer principle? vs. the ?Calvary principle.? It is a must for every marriage.

C 13: Ten Things Men Should Know about Women ? And Women about Men Understanding male-female differences is indispensable to a positive relationship and a happy marriage. So here we explore the issues of affirmation and communication, decision-making and sexual stimulation, menopause and midlife, and much more.

C14: Ten Techniques for Managing Stress in the 21st Century Stress is a killer! So here we employ powerful antidotes like Whole Body Therapy, Pressure - Pleasure, Relaxation Techniques, Time Management, Positive Self Talk, Destroying the H.A.G., and the Art of Meditation.

C15: Seven Strategies to Teach Children about Sex This priceless seminar empowers parents and guardians to discuss this subject with children - from infant to adolescent. It moves from the parent?s attitude, to initial dialogue, to ?teachable? moments, to ?booster shots,? and climaxes with tips for the installation of lifetime values.

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